NCBAC Announces New Edition of Alzheimer Caregiver Course Available March 2

For over a decade NCBAC has offered a Certified Alzheimer Caregiver Certification as a credential showing that the caregiver has completed a level of basic competence. This newly updated training is excellent preparation for the Caregiver Certification (CAC™)exam. Caregivers may prepare for the certification exam by taking the CAC™ training course. The online course consists of nine (9) modules and has just been updated to reflect new information in a number of areas. Voice narration has also been added.

Updates in the training course include: medications, roles and responsibilities of the caregiver, legal and ethical issues and additional case examples. Questions are included at the end of each module to test learning. These questions are written in the NCLEX style of writing items. A Glossary of Terms and Reference Guide are also included for students.