Education and Training

The NCBAC™ recognizes the importance of proper training for staff members who provide dementia care and the professionals who train them. In keeping with nationally recognized accreditation standards*, the NCBAC™ does NOT require (nor recommend) any particular course of study as a requirement for taking either Certification Exam.

We now offer the Alzheimer Caregiver and Educator Guides as complete training programs for individuals that work in the home or for facilities and agencies in Long Term Care. In compliance with the aforementioned accreditation requirements and standards, the NCBAC™ will NOT require our training program (nor any other specific program(s)) as a requirement for Certification.

  • The Alzheimer Caregiver Guide is an 8-module, self-paced, online training program for those who provide care to people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. This course can only be purchased with the CAC Exam. CAC candidates will have 90 days of access to the Guide, or until the exam is taken (whichever comes first).

  • The Alzheimer Educator Guide is a 12-module online training program that includes the 8 modules included in the Caregiver Guide, with additional modules covering Adult Learning. This course can only be purchased with the CAEd Exam. CAEd candidates will have 90 days of access to the Guide, or until the exam is taken (whichever comes first).

  • The Senior Relocation Training Program in an 18-module online training program. Each is focused on a different topic, building a thorough picture of helping seniors transition to more appropriate living arrangements. The course is available for 30 days from purchase.

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*According to ICE – the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (formerly NOCA, the National Organization for Competency Assurance) - accrediting standards “Professional or personnel certification is a voluntary process by which individuals' pre-acquired knowledge, skills, or competencies are evaluated against predetermined standards. The focus is on an assessment that is independent of a specific class, course, or other education/training program. Participants who demonstrate that they meet the standards by successfully completing the assessment process are granted the certification.”