Job Task Analysis

THANK YOU for participating in the Job Task Analysis (JTA) survey conducted by the National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care (NCBAC).


Your answers improve understanding of current practice in the field of dementia care. 

For the purpose of this survey: 

  • Alzheimer CAREGIVER is someone who provides direct care for persons with dementia.
  • Alzheimer EDUCATOR is someone who provides formal training on dementia to caregivers, families, and the public.

This Job Task Survey and Analysis will help us continue to offer fair and appropriate national examinations to ensure that Alzheimer Caregivers are competent to safely practice, and Educators are competent to train. Additionally, policy makers will use the results to help set benchmarks for the profession and ensure proper care for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Alzheimer Caregivers and Educators with all levels of experience are needed to answer the questions in a two-fold manner:  

  • IMPORTANCE of various tasks and knowledge  
  • FREQUENCY of performing these tasks specific to Alzheimer and dementia care. 

This information is used to guide content for the test. Maintaining the certification examination protects the public and enhances professional standing. Your input adds to the integrity and validity of the process. 

We appreciate you sharing your expertise with us. We promise to carefully analyze all of your responses and to read all of your comments. 

Your input is important to us and all answers are anonymous and confidential. After we analyze all the data, we will release overall findings.

We realize this is a long survey. However, it is important to capture as many aspects as possible of the Alzheimer care profession.