The NCBAC™ is the ONLY independent national board that follows the healthcare certification/licensure model to administer standardized certification examinations in dementia care. The purpose of the Board is to provide a benchmark for core competencies and knowledge for those who provide care and education in the field of dementia.

Board certification offers a voluntary, credentialing procedure that attempts to validate the competence of Alzheimer Caregivers and Educators based on practice-based knowledge and application of that knowledge. Click here for details on our certifications.

We now offer the Alzheimer Caregiver and Educator Guides as complete training programs for individuals that work in the home or for facilities and agencies in Long Term Care.  Click here for details.

In the growing field of senior relocation and home transition services, it is important to define a body of individuals who truly understand and support the social, medical and emotional struggles faced by older adults and their families as they navigate late life changes to the home environment. Click here to visit the CRTS™ website and learn more.