Senior Relocation Transition Training Program (CRTS) Expanded to Include New Resources for Service Providers and Seniors

The CRTS certification has been a mainstay credential in the industry for a decade. Now the program of training service providers is being enhanced with new services for providers and the seniors they help. Providers will now have access to a value-added website that will make some parts of their work easier. Service summaries, planning tools and business management tools can be accessed through the main site. Additionally, seniors will have the ability to locate a service provider in their areas.

CRTS providers have earned a national certification that prepares them to better help seniors transition to smaller and/or more appropriate homes. In order to become certified, candidates must meet eligibility requirements and pass a standardized certification examination. CRTS providers come from many walks of life. They may be experienced as estate sales professionals, professional organizers, healthcare providers, real estate professionals, medical professionals or caregivers.