Aducanumab Is Showing Promise As An Alzheimer's Treatment, But It's Still Early

What were the key findings from the Aducanumab phase 1 clinical trials? That's a great question. The trial results made big splashes in the lay press, and for good reason. But you probably know that lay press tends to exaggerate some of the findings, so it’s always a good idea to clarify. I’m going to give you a 20,000-foot overview of the study and the important take-aways, but if you want a more detailed answer, read below the first bolded part. The study can be summarized as such:

Aducanumab cleared amyloid plaques and appeared to slow cognitive decline in patients with pre-clinical (before major memory loss) Alzheimer’s disease in a dose-dependent fashion (the more aducanumab you give, the better amyloid clearance and protective effects on memory you get).