External Item Writers

External item writers are subject matter experts who generated test questions to the specifications of the content guidelines. Their questions were reviewed, revised and approved by the test development committee. The NCBAC™ appreciates the generous efforts and commitment of the external item writers.

Marie Bass, MS, CAE
Executive Director
American Association of Cardiovascular &
Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Timothy Detwiler, PhD
Dean of Assessment
Cornerstone University

Joan Dominick, EdD
Kennesaw University

Robert Edmunds, PhD
Marshall University

Deborah Hefferin, MA
Broward Community College

Barbara Hoffman, MA
Manager, Research Institute
American Society for Clinical Pathology

Melissa Kahn
Chicago Site Coordinator
CAEL/Metro Chicago Healthcare Council

Kathy Mason
New Perspective of Minnesota, Inc.

Tammy J. Peterson, MSE
American Academy of Health & Fitness

Richard Quianthy, PhD
Broward County Community College

Ina J. Rubloff
Rubloff & Associates

Anna Treinkman, RN, MSN, CNP
Clinical Team
Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Clinic

Linda J. Webster, PhD
University of Arkansas, Monticello

Kristine Nordlie Williams, RN, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Kansas Medical Center