Alzheimer Caregiver Course

Our New Caregiver Course is Now Available!

Updates in the training course include:

  • voice-over narration of all content

  • color slides with animation

  • updated content on medications

  • additional content on the roles and responsibilities of the caregiver

  • additional content on legal and ethical issues

  • additional case examples.

Questions are included at the end of each module to test learning. These questions are written in the NCLEX style of writing items. A Glossary of Terms and Reference Guide are also included for students.


The Alzheimer Caregiver Course is a great educational tool to use for training caregivers in Alzheimer and dementia care. The Course is a self-paced online resource to use for direct care staff as a stand-alone training program or in conjunction with in-person training. There are 10 modules with practice quiz questions at the end of each module. The Course follows the NCBAC™ CAC™ Content Guideline and Test Plan. After completing the course, a candidate should be prepared to take the Certified Alzheimer Caregiver™ (CAC™) Exam. A major advantage of this course is unlimited 24/7 online access through PCs, laptops, smart phones and tablets. This course can only be purchased with the CAC™ Exam. CAC™ candidates will have 90 days of access to the course, or until the exam is taken (whichever comes first). Caregiver Course fees are non-refundable.

To purchase the Caregiver Course with the CAC™ exam to become a Certified Alzheimer Caregiver™ (exam is an additional $165), review the eligibility requirements and purchase the exam + course here

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