Discounts for NAHCA Members

Thank you for your interest in our certifications! Please read all Notes & Requirements below before proceeding.

Notes & Requirements:

  • The CAC™ Exam and Training has a minimum requirement of 5 applicants per facility for the initial purchase. After the initial purchase, a facility may purchase any amount of packages.
  • All applicants must register online and have a unique email address.
  • The CAC™ Exam must be proctored by a CAEd™, either by NAHCA PDC or a member care center designated personnel who is CAEd™.
  • The CAC™ Exam is administered through the NCBAC™ online testing platform. 
  • Applicants must have a wifi compatible laptop or large format tablet in order to take the secure online Exam. This can be provided by the facility, if available.
  • CAEd™ Exams are administered at Pearson VUE Professional testing centers.
  • NO SHARING of Guides. The Guides are designed as self-paced on-line training programs and are intended for one user per individual email account. 
  • Individual CNAs may register for the Exam and Training, but the discount for the Exam is not applicable, as they will have to take the Exam at Pearson VUE. We will honor the discount on the Guide. The price of that package is $215. (This would only apply to Caregivers that do not have access to a CAEd™ to proctor the Exam.)

Please be sure to make note of the relevant discount code in the second column before clicking to add the item to your cart.


Certified Alzheimer Educator (CAEd™) Exam + Educator Guide

  • $465
  • Code = NAHCA465; (use this code during checkout to receive your discount)
  • CAEd™ exam proctored by Pearson VUE

CAEd™ Retake Exam

  • $365 (not discounted)

5 x Certified Alzheimer Caregiver (CAC™) Exam + Caregiver Guide

  • $750 for 5
  • Only applicable to CAC™ candidates who will be proctored by an on-premise CAEd™
  • Additional CAC™ credits will be $150 each in 2015
  • ADD TO CART or contact us for custom quantities

Additional CAC™ Credits after purchase of initial 5

  • $150 each
  • Only applicable to CAC candidates who will be proctored by an on-premise CAEd
  • contact us

Individual CAC™ Application + Caregiver Guide

  • $215
  • Code = NAHCA215; (use this code during checkout to receive the discount)
  • Exam will be proctored by Pearson Vue